Amritam Wellness Retreats

“Master your mind is the surest way to master your life”
Sangeeta Mittal, Amritam Founder, and The Spiritual Master

Amritam - To Harmonise Body, Mind, & Soul

Each of us deserves a break from the routine life once in a while to connect with our inner selves. 

Amritam, a precious art of meditation, enables you to attain higher consciousness in the most exceptional ways and nourishes your body, mind, and spirit. Our hospitality is rooted to Indian traditions where guests are served as Gods. 

This wellness retreat is not a visit, but a pilgrimage for those seeking to explore themselves from within. 

Why Amritam

Bring Mindfulness to your Daily Life

Heal your mind & empower yourself! Amritam spiritual retreat teaches you how to let go of all the negativity & bring mindfulness in your daily life. Our masters awaken your soul & open the energy blocks. Giving emotions the power to control you does not do anyone any good. Therefore, our professionals will guide you to overcome Anger, Hate, Jealousy, Greed and Ego. More than half of our problems fade away once we stop letting emotions take the best of us. 

Expanded Awareness

Understand and know yourself better with Amritam in silence. Sometimes life needs us to be silent and listen to our inner thoughts and nature for mindfulness and self-realization. Individuals are able to expand their awareness and be a better version of themselves with this retreat. Amritam is a channel that harnesses our path to lead a peaceful life and let go of our negativity and frustration. 

Widens your Perspective

We all need wisdom to wade through the tough decisions and challenges of life. While most of us possess wisdom, we need a master or an expert to help us channel through it. Imagine a world where each of us attends at least one spiritual retreat and make it a wiser and harmonious place.

Deepens Relaxation and Relieves Stress

Mental wellness is essential for our living. Amritam deepens relaxation & relieves the stress stemming from the robotic life, hustle-bustle, work deadlines, children PTA meetings & the need to balance everything. It’s high time to open windows to your mind & strengthen your inner self. AMRITAM RETREAT creates an environment that helps you find yourself again. 

About the Master

Our esteemed Spiritual Master and the founder of Amritam Wellness Centre, Ms. Sangeeta Mittal is a visionary with an exceptional ability to blend ancient practices into modern living, thus bridging the gap between the known and the unexplored. With years of discipline and practice, she has become a world renowned Meditation Guru and Reiki Grand Master. Under her guidance, her disciples embark on a journey to explore and experience the deepest dimensions of life. 

She has attained the wisdom of Vedas, Upanishad, and a plethora of more sacred texts. Our Master is also a soul guide, tarot reader, and a lifestyle mentor. Now, her sole mission is to culminate spirituality in the aspirants and lead them to understand their true self as a soul. She will guide you to attain the experience of oneness with the supreme power and show the true meaning of being alive.

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